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Directory Listings

Highlight your expertise with a customized listing highlighting your specialties and stand out among your competitors.  

Potential Clients contact you directly

From your directory listing, clients can send you a message, go to your website, or check out your social media

Be Featured!

Improve your SEO by being quoted and featured in blog posts and social media

Social Media Boosts

Social Media likes, shares, and spotlights increase your visibility

Marketing Resources

Ever-growing collection of SLP-focused “how-to” articles to grow your business, focused on marketing, SEO, telepractice and more

Exclusive FB Group

Access to an exclusive Facebook group including resources, opportunities to ask questions, and special offers.  (In April 2020, we offered free SEO reviews!)

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Most frequent questions and answers

Having a Speech Therapy Connect directory listing allows you to be found by your target audience.

Improve SEO

Our featured members have the opportunity to participate in educational blogs as well as have their company featuredin an interview post. These opportunities give you some amazing benefits. Your post will point to your profile so your audience gets a chance to know you better. You have the opportunity to showcase your expertise and the more your audience gets to know you the more they will begin to trust you and more likely to go to your website and contact you for an evaluation. Every blog post you participate in will also directly connect to your business website, improving your SEO and making it easy for your ideal clients to find YOU!


Featured members also can join an exclusive Facebook group -Marketing for SLPs. Our favorite marketing and private practice resources are shared on Speech Therapy Connect and in the marketing group to help you build your business.

Social Media

Speech Therapy Connect will follow your social media accounts – Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram- interact and share with your posts. This helps tell the algorithms that your company is important and improve your reach in your area.

The Goal of Speech Therapy Connect is to help potential clients, their families and caregivers find SLPs to help them reach their communication and swallowing goals.

Most potential clients use the internet to find and research potential businesses they choose to work with. When they search, they’ll find this directory and be able to compare you with your competitors.

Help potential clients get to know you and choose your company. From the directory, they can choose to:

  • Read more about your company’s approach to therapy, what makes you stand out
  • Check out and follow your company’s social media accounts
  • Contact your company directly via a contact form or phone.
  • Go to your company’s website to learn more.

Our website and marketing techniques are designed to increase visibility among potential clients to help ideal clients connect with SLPs. Speech Therapy Connect regularly updates the website and blog posts and uses the latest SEO techniques, as well as social media like Instagram and Pinterest. A percentage of annual fees also goes towards paid social media and Google advertising to help potential clients find YOU. Think of it as crowd-sourcing your marketing.

We recommend updating your directory listing quarterly.

When you sign up, put a note in your planner at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months from when you sign up.  It will be a great time to check out the website traffic, and listing views you’ve received, submit your blog posts or quote to be featured, as well as make changes to your listing.

We accept credit cards (via Stripe) or use your Paypal account.

If you choose the annual plan, you are agreeing to annually auto-renew your membership.

Put a note in your planner for a week before your annual auto-renew to remind yourself to check over and update your listing, as well as take advantage of the added resources since you last came to the website.

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