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My favorite benefit of the directory service – Any time you are mentioned or quoted on Speech Therapy Connect’s Directory of Private Practice SLPs, we link back to either your listing or your direct website (e.g. a topic-specific blog post link) to help guide clients to find you, as well as tell search engines that you have important information to help you be found in organic searches!

Essential Step – Create your directory listing!

After your listing is up, your business can be featured in several ways:

– Speech Therapy Connect will like/love/share your social media posts which increases visibility.

– Write a guest post (target audience: your ideal client) on Speech Therapy Connect’s blog.

– BE FEATURED! Fill out an interview request and we will write a blog post highlighting your private practice and what makes it special.

– Fill out topic-specific questionnaires, to be quoted in upcoming topic-specific blog posts. Speech Therapy Connect offers several opportunities to be featured in upcoming blog posts. Improve your online visibility and Showcase your experience, skills, and knowledge with potential clients.

Benefits to being featured:

– Create a positive first impression and give potential clients a reason to contact you.

– Include links to your business website to guide potential clients and increase your web traffic

– More inbound links tells Google your website is important, improving it’s visibility in local searches



You can be featured 2 ways:  Our “Ask the Expert” articles or a complimentary Practice Highlight article.

To participate is easy: Fill out the form and we take care of the rest!




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