Anywhere Speech & Language, LLC Claimed

Online Speech Language and Reading Services for people of ALL ages.

We are passionate about our role in providing comprehensive speech, language, and reading services to people of ALL ages. We believe that everyone has the potential to enhance their communication skills within the comfort of their own home, school, or business. Our services are interactive, effective, and entirely online.


Q Is online speech and language therapy effective?

Absolutely! Teletherapy has been a growing field and research now shows that online speech and language services are as effective as traditional services in a clinic or school. In addition, the flexibility of us meeting you online has been found to be far more convenient than therapy at a office building.

Q How do I meet with my therapist?

Each session will have a private and individualized link that will connect you with your therapist. Our video conferencing is HIPAA compliant. All you need is a modern device with a stable internet connection. We also recommend high quality audio and webcam to maximize your interaction with your therapist.

Q Can I schedule my session around my home/ work/ school schedule?

Absolutely! We wouldn't want it any other way! We have flexible work hours- daytime, evening, and weekend hours- so that we fit into your schedule with ease.