How to Grow Language Skills Using Mindfulness

How often do we go through our morning routine on autopilot?

I rely on routines to get everything done. If I’m out of order, I’ll likely go to grab my coffee only to discover I didn’t make it!  Or more likely, I’ll find my cold coffee sitting in the coffee maker, waiting for me to remember it (this happens more often that I’d like to admit)

Part of my mission this year is adding mindfulness to our family’s life.  Here’s my plan so you can do it too –

Running errands…

On morning trips to school, we talk about the colors of the sky, the shape of the clouds, or the pattern of light reflecting off the clouds. After school, listen to the birds, see if you can find which one is singing. Make a game of looking for a robin or to see if the trees are starting to show green yet.  Feel the leaves crunch under your feet.

Are there any spring bulbs coming out of the ground?

Talk about what you see, feel and smell, is there a cool breeze, is the sun warm, can you smell the sweet flowers?

What is there that you can’t see?

Or cook with your children…

How to Grow Language Skills Using Mindfulness

Feel the dough, smell the spices and herbs, feel the texture of the smooth flour versus the gritty salt. Can you hear the soup boil?

Focus on being present in where you are and what’s around you.

I wrote more about how to do this in our local Green Bay Mom’s Blog, when I wrote about exploring spring – read it here.


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