How to Grow your Facebook Private Practice Page

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You have your chosen social media channels. Now what?

Social media is an opportunity to showcase your expertise and branding to potential clients and referral sources. Schedule out your social media feed so that you appear active and referral sources know that you are still in business, that you are interested in their concern, and that you have the knowledge and skills to solve their problems.

Remember: Facebook is just a marketing tool; Your business should never “live” on Facebook. You also need a website.

First things first – Research!

Spend an hour and explore your favorite FB groups and pages. Explore local businesses in the community. Find and screenshot posts that have a lot of engagement – e.g. reactions and comments. What types of posts are they? Paste the screenshots in a gdoc or another visual system, like a Trello board or Notion. This is your Inspiration Board.

Do a search in the groups where your ideal clients hang out. What questions are they asking? Make a note of their wording. This is consumer research for your social media and website content.

Set up your Page Correctly

✅ Optimize your Profile photo and Cover photo – Stay on-branding and be clear about who you are and what you do.

✅ Complete your “about” section. Include location, contact information, services provided, any other information about your “story” to help potential referral sources feel comfortable with your company.

✅ Double check mobile-view

Next, Start to Grow your Page

Put 6-9 posts on your page. Just to get things started.

Grow your page. Any friends who are your ideal clients, interested in similar topics, or are interested in your content- invite them to “like” or “follow” the page. Do NOT just invite all your friends and family to like the page. Facebook is not a popularity contest. If Facebook is going to be effective for you, it needs to know who you are, what type of people like your content. If your focus is early intervention speech therapy, and you end up inviting your local retirement community’s chess club to like your page, then your page won’t get the visibility it needs, and you won’t get the marketing you need.

Choose 3 of your strongest posts – “boost” them – carefully targeting your demographics. Watch and see how they do. You want to boost popular posts that get interaction – that is how you grow your reach. When someone interacts iwth your post, FB will let you invite them to “like” your page. DO THIS! This will help jumpstart your page and growth, increasing your visibility among your ideal clients and referral sources.

Rinse and Repeat.

Need some ideas? 28 ideas to fill your feed for your Speech Therapy Private Practice

✅ Blog posts – write a quick blurb and link to your blog post


✅Email sign up – including what benefit they gain from signing up

✅Ask questions –

How to Grow your Facebook Private Practice Page

What podcasts do you listen to?

What’s the best stage of childhood?

What were your child’s first words?

If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?

What’s your child’s favorite book?

What book changed your life?

Where’s your favorite place for XYZ? (this is a GREAT way to choose referral sources, community networking opportunities)

✅ Follow other SLPs (not direct competitors) and share their posts

✅ Link to a helpful Facebook group

✅ Share a picture of your pet

✅ Photo of a book you are reading

✅ Photo of a treatment material you created or used

✅ “Good vibes” photo – help the clients feel how you want them to – hopeful, motivated, warm

✅ “Good vibes” quote

✅ Data in a chart

✅ Recommend a book

✅ Recommend an app

✅Recommend a podcast

✅ Recommend and tag other local businesses with why (especially effective with referral sources!)

✅ Share a Pinterest Board

✅ Share an insight from a recent treatment session

✅ Answer a FAQ

✅ Video of yourself explaining your unique take on a treatment approach / research

✅ Share a benefit of treatment

✅ Quotes from your blog posts

✅ Photo of a recent highlighted research article with a “fun fact” you learned

✅ Most popular blog post – include a comment for why it’s so popular

✅ Latest Practice News

✅ Website link

✅ Services Link

✅ About Page link

✅ Introduce yourself, invite others to connect with your LinkedIn page

✅ Highlight another social media profile of yours to increase followers

✅ Activism Links

✅ Share posts from your community partners – This helps support their business while giving your page more content – win-win!

How to Grow your Facebook Private Practice Page

✅ Share links to valuable TED talks – include a comment what you found interesting

Create your social Media Plan

Sit down and do a “brain dump” listing out all of your ideas, using the above list. Use gsheets or trello. Sit down with your Canva account, branding colors and fonts and start creating your posts. Then copy and past into your social media scheduler or directly onto your platform. You can schedule directly in Facebook or use a scheduling app like Hootsuite.

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*  A note about affiliate links:  Some of the links in these blog posts may be affiliate links.  This means that Speech Therapy Connect may receive a small commission if you decide to purchase after clicking an affiliate link.  Income from affiliate links helps support Speech Therapy Connect directory and any affiliate link income goes directly to growing the site and getting you more clients.
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