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Find the Best Speech Therapist Near You

What Can a Speech Therapist Do?

Speech Language Pathologists, or Speech Therapists, can help people in many areas.
We are trained in human communication, it’s development, and disorders of communication. 
But that’s not all! 
Speech Therapists are also experts in oral, feeding, and swallowing skills. Coughing or choking when you eat? A speech therapist can help you!
Speech therapists complete voice therapy, language therapy, alternative communication, reading therapy, swallowing therapy, and feeding therapy. 
Find an expert in these areas below…
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Virtual Speech Therapy Is Here

Online Speech Therapy to Meet Your Needs

Virtual speech therapy allows you to find the expert you need, no matter where you live.  You are no longer limited to local Speech Therapists, or have to commute a long distance to get specialty services.   Speech Therapy Connect helps you find an expert from the comfort of your own home.
Find the Best Speech Therapist Near You

Online Speech Therapy Options in 2021

Online speech therapy and speech therapy telehealth practices have been growing in popularity for a few years now. When 2020’s COVID-19 outbreak hit, the online speech therapy world has suddenly grown at an exponential rate. Is online speech therapy right for you? How Does Online Speech Therapy Work? Telehealth is not a new option, but

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