Thrive Speech Pathology

We believe in individualized solutions and work hard outside the therapy room to make our work effective. We work collaboratively with families to communicate honestly about what's important to them and what's feasible for them. -- Kelsey Thompson

I’d like to introduce you to Thrive Speech Pathology in North Carolina.

Thrive Speech Pathology provides speech therapy and language therapy for children in  Chapel Hill, North Carolina.   They even provide convenient online speech therapy.  The Speech Therapists at Thrive are highly specialized with training in PROMPT for apraxia and SOS feeding therapy for children.  They are also experts with teenagers, focused on reading and executive function challenges.

Let’s hear more from the owner at Thrive Speech Pathology, Kelsey Thompson ….


We start with the long-term goal in mind- effective communication or feeding skills outside of the therapy room. To achieve this at every step in the process, we involve families from the beginning in carrying over skills to home, school, or the community. We don’t just send home worksheets, we work collaboratively with families to communicate honestly about what’s important to them and what’s feasible for them.

We believe in individualized solutions and work hard outside the therapy room to make our work effective.


Families are integral to what we do. I am always trying to provide families with suggestions to carry over the skills the child is learning in therapy to do at home, but I also ask for honest feedback! I want my suggestions to be meaningful and most importantly feasible! Collaborating with families is key to the child making progress across environments.

While perhaps a generic answer, it is such a rewarding field. To see the confidence of both children and parents grow as they learn brings me joy! Communication and feeding are so important, and can be so stressful. I love being able to guide families through this process.

Speech Therapy Services Provided


Thrive clinicians have additional training in helping a wide range of clients of all ages, from “picky eating” to clients with more severe swallowing disorders and tube feedings.

Augmentative – Alternative Communication
Speech, Language, and Auditory Processing Disorders
Fluency and Stuttering
Special needs, including Down Syndrome and Autism
Reading challenges, including dyslexia
Special Services for teenagers and young adults, including executive function and reading

Learn more about Thrive Speech Pathology or find a specialized speech therapy practice near you.

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