Holistic Therapy Services

Holistic Therapy Services uses an integrative holistic advocacy approach, to ensure the greatest outcome for our clients. -- Sara Young

I’d like to introduce you to Holistic Therapy Services.

Sarah Young at Holistic Therapy Services offers speech therapy using an integrative holistic advocacy wellness model

to treat swallowing and communication disorders across the lifespan.

What makes your speech therapy private practice unique?  How do you help your clients?

Holistic Therapy Services uses an integrative holistic advocacy approach, to ensure the greatest outcome for our clients. We treat special populations that include: head and neck cancer, Parkinson’s disease and traumatic brain injury. Our support groups are for and by the client network with the support of ongoing education. We meet you where you are: in your home, online or in the community and are dedicated to helping you meet your healthcare goals.

How do you involve families in speech therapy?

Caregivers and families are a central part of the team. Their feedback is enormously important. Often, they are able to share information and perspective that would be otherwise missed. They are an asset to the team, as they are a key to helping each client have better outcomes by participation in their care.

What do you like most about being a Speech Pathologist?

I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to assist others in communicating, getting back to eating and drinking and getting back to the life they love. My favorite areas include the ones that I feel are most overlooked. I ask a patient advocate and teaching people how to heal themselves and stay healthy brings me joy!

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