GRP Speech Pathology

We empower through exceeding boundaries and building function.

I’d like to introduce you to GRP Speech Pathology in Melbourne, Australia.

The team at GRP uses client-focused innovative therapy approaches to improve their client’s communication, feeding and swallowing.

What makes your speech therapy private practice unique?  How do you help your clients?

We empower through exceeding boundaries and building function.

How do you involve families in speech therapy?

In so many ways! We strive to be family and network centered to provide a holistic and functional approach.

What do you like most about being a Speech Pathologist?

Giving someone the ability to communicate their feelings, opinions and thoughts.

Learn more about GRP Speech Pathology  or find a specialized speech therapy practice near you.

Learn more about how speech therapy can help....

speech therapist and child playing tea party

Important Speech-Language Development Milestones for Children

Among the many milestones parents track for their children is speech and language development. What’s “normal” speech development? When should you worry about a speech delay? What do you do if your child’s speech isn’t “on track” according to the speech development charts out there? First of all, try not to stress yourself out too much

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Aging Voice…Is this normal?

As people age, so does their voicebox, often changing their voice quality. This change in voice due to age is called Presbyphonia. The larynx physically changes as we lose muscle mass, coordination slows, and mucous membranes (e.g. vocal cords) become thin and dry, resulting in voice changes. An aging voice can commonly cause:Decreased ability to

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15 mealtime Solutions for Dementia

I’ve worked with dementia for 15+ years and one of the most common concerns I hear is “They won’t eat!” As  a person ages, appetite often diminishes.  Add in the sensory and cognitive decline from dementia and “poor appetite” becomes more and more common.  But it doesn’t have to be. Today’s post focuses on possible

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