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Featured – For Goodness Speech

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I’d like to introduce you to For Goodness Speech, providing speech therapy services throughout Connecticut.

The owner of For Goodness Speech, Ashley Maturo, provides feeding therapy, auditory oral therapy for hearing loss, instruction in social skills, play therapy and parent education for children, using her specialized training, including certifications in Auditory Oral therapy, PROMPT, AEIOU Feeding programs.

Ask Ashley about Talking Tots a specialized “parent/caregiver and me” language development class for toddlers aged 15 months to 3 years old.

What makes your speech therapy private practice unique?  How do you help your clients?

We provide in-home individualized care to our clients. Right now we are offering virtual sessions due to COVID-19. We are unique in that we offer Aural Rehabilitation and pediatric feeding therapy to children!


How do you involve families in speech therapy?


We provide in-home services and encourage parents/caregivers to be involved as much as they can so they can learn the strategies we are using and carry them over at home. This increases success and enables quicker generalization of skills.


What do you like most about being a Speech Pathologist?


I genuinely love helping others do some of the most important things in life (communicate, eat, etc.). It is a very rewarding job 🙂


Learn more about For Goodness Speech private practice  or find a specialized speech therapy practice near you.

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