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We really make a difference in the lives of others. It is never too late to get help with your communication! -- Cara Morey

I’d like to introduce you to Anywhere Speech and Language, providing speech therapy services throughout the west coast.

Many people struggle with proper communication. No matter if you notice that your child isn’t communicating as he should for his age, if your teenager is struggling with his social skills, or even if you are looking to get a promotion or new job but you lack the confidence and communication skills, Anywhere Speech and Language can help you. 

At Anywhere Speech and Language, you can find a wide range of teletherapy services that will meet your goals. Between one-on-one speech, language, and reading services to clients of all ages via teletherapy, you can expect an engaging and reliable service that will help you or your family member. 

With Anywhere Speech and Language, you will be able to find help for pediatric language delays, adolescent language disorders, and adult language impairments. 

Some people may also experience problems with their own speech no matter if it is the pronunciation, stuttering, accent reduction, or speech clarity, or even with reading. Many people have dyslexia, dysgraphia, reading comprehension, and written language difficulties. 

Ultimately, no matter your age, Anywhere Speech and Language will be able to help you. 

We interviewed Cara Morey, the Speech Pathologist at Anywhere Speech and Language to learn more about about her and the online speech therapy services she offers…

What do you like most about being a Speech Pathologist?

We really make a difference in the lives of others. It is never too late to get help with your communication!

How do you involve families in speech therapy?

We offer parent/ caregiver training as part of our sessions.

Cara is the woman behind Anywhere Speech and Language. As a speech language pathologist since 2000, she is highly trained in speech articulation, stuttering, social skills, language development and communication rehabilitation. 

In case you don’t know if Anywhere Speech and Language is the right clinic for you, all you need to do is to give it a try. After all, Cara allows you to get a free 15 minute trial session where you can meet, talk, play a quick online game, and find out if they are a good fit. 

One of the main advantages of the Anywhere Speech and Language clinic is that they are not only passionate about what they do as all the services are provided online in the comfort of your home, school, or workplace. Besides, they also offer flexible hours. In case you prefer, you can have your sessions scheduled in the evenings and even on weekends. 

In case you decide to give Anywhere Speech and Language a try, you will be amazed by their services. Ultimately, Cara makes sure that the service that you get is highly personalized to meet your own needs.

Notice that at Anywhere Speech and Language, you can also contract services to different educational, corporate, and rehabilitation organizations.

The convenience of online therapy makes scheduling speech therapy easy for virtual and homeschool (Anywhere Speech specializes in speech therapy for reading and literacy) and for professional with work schedules.   

If you are on the west coast, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, California, North Dakota, and Guam, learn more about Anywhere Speech and Language or find a specialized speech therapy practice near you

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