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Today’s popular question in marketing and starting a private practice….. Do I need a website.

Short answer: YES!

A website provides….

Credibility – Having an online home shows potential clients and referral sources that you are a legitimate business.

Branding – Provides a first impression to potential clients. Introduces your company culture and level of professionalism.

Expectations – Most consumers prefer to research companies before making a purchase.

Make it Easy for Future Clients – Clients need to be able to contact you, know where you are, know that you can help them – all before they reach out that first time. Easily and quickly are essential and a good website will provide that.

Online presence requires a home. Your online presence is important – and you need to be several places online. Directories introduce you to clients, but then they need a way to “find more information” and continue to get to know you.

Isn’t a Facebook Page enough?


Facebook pages are often hacked/stolen.

Facebook pages provide minimal information.

If your FB page is reported too many times, or if it breaks community guidelines, it may be suspended and can be difficult to get back – losing potential clients in the meantime.

But I don’t want a website yet!

Then set up a Google My Business page – it’s free and a good starting point. But there are many inexpensive options for websites, so most businesses need to get one as soon as possible.

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