RW LANGUAGE THERAPY AND CONSULTING – Specializing in Autism, Family Support, and Coaching


Robyn Weilbacher is an award-winning Speech-Language Therapist who has been working with children ages  2-6 years old for 30 + years.

After recently retiring and becoming certified as a Certified Autism Specialist, Robyn established her business: RW LANGUAGE THERAPY AND CONSULTING -Specializing in Autism, Family Support, and Coaching.

Robyn is passionate about helping parents and caregivers that have children with expressive language needs and/or  on the Autism Spectrum.

The purpose of RW LANGUAGE THERAPY AND CONSULTING -Specializing in Autism, Family Support, and Coaching is to provide support for parents and caregivers with kids on the Autism Spectrum and/or with general communication needs. Robyn teaches parents and caregivers to know how to carry over functional communication and social-language skills in their child’s everyday life experiences, activities, and interactions.

Robyn additionally provides online speech and language therapy that include the parents/caregivers so they know how to help their child carryover the goals at home.

Services Available to Families

1. Customized parent / caregiver coaching and resource services to empower to know how to help your children expand functional communication skills during everyday routines, activities, and play.

2. Autism communication training program called “MORE THAN WORDS” by the internationally recognized “The Hanen Centre.

3. Online speech and language therapy for children ages 2-6 years old. Includes parents and caregivers to know how to carryover goals naturally in everyday activities, routines, and play.

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