Enjoy Growth and Ongoing Referral Benefits

We understand– running a private practice is hard work. 

Scheduling, Treatment sessions, Documentation, Insurance Verifications, Credentialing, Cleaning, Marketing, Outreach, Referral relations, Website, Social Media, Hiring  & Retention, Staff training, State regulations,

The list goes on…

Speech Therapy Connect is here to help you out.

Welcome SLPs

Our focus is building the premier network of Speech Therapists, highlighting your specialty services, and getting your ideal clients to find you– and schedule. 

We can’t help you with the cleaning and treatment sessions, but we can save you time and money so you can focus your efforts on what really matters– the patients.

Why Join Speech Therapy Connect Provider Directory?

Benefits for you

  • Efficient, cost-effective marketing for your clinic. 

  • We save you time! You don’t have to spend hours updating your website, blogging, networking on social media and advertising. 

  • We drive traffic to your clinic through our marketing and referral efforts. 

  • We boost website traffic with ads, SEO, resources, and social media pushes.

  • Backlinks to your website improve your website relevance and authority.

  • Your ideal clients will find you by narrowing the search to exactly what they want. 

  • Your practice grows in your specialty area when you attract your ideal clients. 

  • We provide tips and resources for you, the business owner. 

  • We have articles and blogs to answer your client’s questions before they book– saving you even more time. 

  • We explain the different issues Speech Therapy addresses to make sure clients are booking with the right professional.


Benefits for your Clients

  • Detailed, map-based search as well as virtual therapy search options

  • Finding the right specialist for their needs

  • Reduced confusion about Speech Therapy treatment and scope. 

  • Getting Speech Therapy sooner due to researching their options.

  • Informative blogs and articles to help them understand Speech Therapy. 

  • The ability to compare local clinics and choose the best fit for their needs. 

  • The option for online or in-person Speech Therapy

  • Seeing a Speech Therapist who isn’t exhausted trying to juggle everything! 


When YOU Are Managing Your Time And Resources Effectively, Both You And Your Patients Win.

Speech Therapy Connect Provides a Unique Service Model

Some directories are free initially, but when an inquiry comes into their website, they won’t allow you to access it without signing up at a higher membership rate. Or they will capture the inquiry but not notify you. 

That’s bad for business, and bad for your clients who need your services. 

Speech Therapy Connect is different. We connect clients with therapists without the hassle. 

We charge a low monthly listing fee– less than Google Ads, Facebook Ads or local marketing efforts that may not reach the right audience when they need you. 

There are no extra charges or surprises when clients contact you. 

You get the lead– every time.

The Speech Therapy Connect Provider Directory is More Than a List of Speech Therapy Clinics.

We are an online community of supportive SLPs. We work hard to get traffic and boost your practice. We also provide resources and information to make running and scaling your practice easier.

Still unsure? Think of it as crowdsourcing for your marketing and outreach. Your small quarterly payment is combined with hundreds of other Speech Therapists payments and used to drive traffic to the site. Website traffic increases the authority, ranks the website higher on search engines, and everybody wins.

You save time and money while getting more traffic.

We are on a mission to connect families with high quality Speech Therapists so their needs can be met. After all, Speech Therapy is all about giving people the skills and tools to live their best lives, whether that’s overcoming a developmental issue, or compensating for a loss of function.

Join the community. Reach more clients. Change more lives.

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Welcome SLPs

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Welcome SLPs

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Welcome SLPs

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