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Time and again I’ve heard SLPs say they struggle with marketing.
How do I get more clients?
How do let people know that a speech therapy private practice is available to help them?
You can’t help people if they don’t know you exist.
And without clients, you can’t reach your business goals.

Today’s world lives online. Successful private practices have an online presence that makes it easy for potential clients to find them, consider them, contact them. Most private practices start with a website and / or a facebook page. Then the SLP sits and waits, frustrated when it doesn’t bring in clients. But having a presence online isn’t enough. The internet is flooded with websites. Private Practices must take steps to increase their visibility. Tell search engines that THEIR business is important enough to rank in Google, that potential clients WANT to find and use YOUR private practice.

Word of mouth around town helps. But today’s public likes to research their options. That means you MUST have an online presence, AND be able to be found multiple places online. A directory listing is a proven way to do it.

Benefits of a Premium Membership Account with a directory listing with Speech Therapy Connect.

Directory listing included FREE – with all premium membership accounts

Clinicians with a niche tend to be seen as the experts in that area. A patient with apraxia will want a clinician who KNOWS how to treat apraxia. Highlighting your expertise is an easy way for the public to notice you and gives them a reason to contact YOU instead of your competitors.

Potential clients want to get to know you. Google needs to know that other websites think you are important. Being quoted, linked to, and highlighted in blog posts are a way to do this. Members of Speech Therapy Connect have UNLIMITED opportunities to be showcased.

Our directory allows consumers to filter listings by area of expertise, age, and treatment location. This helps match ideal clients with your practice so you get MORE ideal clients and don’t waste time and efforts on clients that aren’t the right fit.

From your listing, clients can easily see if you’ll be a good fit. Then they can easily go to your website, social media, or message you directly to set up an appointment.

Your practice will be highlighted on social media, your posts will be periodically liked and shared, increasing your reach and visibility.