About Speech Therapy Connect

About Speech Therapy Connect

Who is behind Speech Therapy Connect?

Speech Therapy Connect is all of us – together

– Families looking for the right services to meet their needs

– Professionals looking for new clients

We all want to feel connected. This is exactly why Speech Therapy Connect was created.


Hi, I’m Beth Dolar, founder and heart behind Speech Therapy Connect. 

I’m on a mission to connect families with speech therapists all over the world. 

I love speech therapy, and I know the life-changing impact speech therapists have on our clients. 

Speech therapists can:

  • Prevent decline. 
  • Restore function. 
  • Give people the gift of communication – improving relationships and overall well-being. 
  • Allow people to eat with less stress and risk. 
  • Help people enjoy meals with family again. 

Speech therapists can change lives in so many ways. But only if we can get to the right people. 

When clients can’t find the right services, or aren’t sure which speech therapist to call, we all lose

As a speech therapist and owner of a small private practice, I understand how challenging it can be to get patients on the schedule. I also know the struggle of trying to help family members choose the right clinician when you don't live near each other.

So, I created Speech Therapy Connect – to connect us all and promote excellence.

Great People. Expert Therapy Services. Find Your Match.

Meet The Founder: Beth Dolar

About Speech Therapy Connect

I have been a certified speech-language pathologist (more commonly known as a speech therapist, or SLP) for over 15 years. I have a Masters degree from University of Wisconsin– Stevens Point. I worked in sub-acute rehabilitation, home healthcare, outpatient and telehealth settings after graduating. I then started my own private practice, Speech Spark Services, LLC in 2016. 

I am married with two spirited children. Outside of my practice, I am an artist, writer, avid reader, feminist, very-amateur gardener, researcher, introvert, and nature-lover. (Though not necessarily in that order!!) 

My specialties include: 

  • SPEAK OUT! voice treatment
  • McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program – certified provider
  • Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) – certified provider
  • Aphasia
  • Dementia
  • Dysphagia in geriatric populations
  • Cognitive communicative disorders
  • Language and articulation disorders
  • Stroke recovery

I have been featured in:

  • guest posting on TactusTherapy.com
  • National Aphasia Association and Aphasia Access
  • Local community websites (expert guest posting)

Why Create Speech Therapy Connect?

I started Speech Therapy Connect to fill a critical need in the speech therapy world. 

Too many clients were confused trying to find services, or unsure which therapist would meet their needs. 

Too many speech therapists were waiting for clients, or redirecting referrals to the right specialist –  losing precious treatment time. 

Other directories seemed incomplete and didn’t consistently connect the client with the right speech therapist. While another directory may capture client information, it often doesn’t notify the speech therapist. Or the system sends a generic message asking for payment before the therapist can even see the client inquiry. 

There have been times when I checked on my accounts in another directory and found a patient inquiry from MONTHS before. I had never been notified. The patient didn’t get services. 

It wasn’t right. So, I set out to fix it.

Speech Therapy Connect is Growing

My goal is to connect clients with the right speech therapist – fast. That’s why client inquiries go straight to the speech therapist’s inbox, not into a holding pattern or an internal messaging system. 

When speech therapy clinics are members of the Speech Therapy Connect website,  clients can find the providers they need and connect with them on the spot.

No run-around, no tricks. 

Potential clients waste time and report frustration while searching for the right speech therapist online. 

And we lose an opportunity to provide life-changing services while missing out on potential income. 

Nobody should miss valuable speech therapy treatments because they can’t find a therapist. 

Clients deserve to see a practitioner who has the right specialty knowledge.

Speech Therapy Connect is here to bridge the gap between clients and speech therapists.

Facing Challenges and Expanding to Serve More Speech Therapy Clinics

Creating this directory is an enormous task. There are thousands of speech-language pathologists providing services all over the country. Connecting with them, enrolling, and maintaining accurate listings is an immense undertaking. 

I am using the power of individual therapists around the country to build the directory. Many speech therapists (and some occupational and physical therapists) want a side hustle or a remote job. I am offering commission-based income to therapists who are interested in helping build the directory with me. Drop me a line if you want to know more. 

I can always use more help in finding and enrolling  private practice speech therapists all around the country. As the directory expands, more activity on Speech Therapy Connect will lead to more traffic on each speech therapists’ website. We all win. 

As Speech Therapy Connect grows, I plan to invest in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other marketing strategies. This will further increase traffic to the Speech Therapy Connect website and that traffic will pass on to private practice speech therapists all over the country. 

We are growing rapidly, and we’d love to have you join us!

After all, Speech Therapy Connect is all about connection and collaboration.

Join the directory, join the movement.

About Speech Therapy Connect
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