About Speech Therapy Connect

About Speech Therapy Connect

Families want...

To help their loved ones improve communication, thinking, social, feeding and swallowing skills with effective, expert speech therapy services

Experts say...

Not all Speech Pathlogists are the same.  Choose a Speech Pathologist with specialized training and expertise in YOUR disorder

SLPs want...

to use their specialized expertise to help families with specific concerns


Speech Therapy helps a wide range of conditions, including articulation concerns, voice quality and loudness, stuttering, language, apraxia, reading, social communication, and swallowing and feeding difficulties.  We help people with a wide variety of disorders including Parkinson’s, strokes, autism, down syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, dementia, developmental delays, and much, much more.  

Although all Speech-Language Pathologists have a Masters Degree level education, we all differ with certifications, years of experience and additional trainings, all focused on specific areas of interest.  Some Speech Therapists focus on treating apraxia, others voice.

Families want the very best for their loved ones.  Choosing a Speech Pathologist with specialized experience and additional training can often make a difference in the quality of treatments provided.   FINDING the best speech therapy to meet YOUR needs is the challenge.  That’s where Speech Therapy Connect can help. 

Great People. Expert Therapy Services. Find Your Match.

Meet The Founder: Beth Dolar

About Speech Therapy ConnectBeth Dolar is a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist with over 15 years of experience in the field.  She has a Masters degree from UW-Stevens Point and is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist in her own private practice – Speech Spark Services, LLC. She is married and has two spirited children.  Beth is also an artist, writer, reader, feminist, very-amateur gardener, researcher, introvert, and nature-lover. (Though not necessarily in that order!!)

Beth is a certified provider of MDTP (McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program), Lee-Silverman Voice Treatment certified, a  trained provider of SPEAK OUT! voice treatment, and has focused on ongoing continuing education in aphasia, dementia, dysphagia in geriatric populations, communicative cognitive disorders, language and articulation disorders.

Specializing in stroke recovery, she uses research-based therapeutic techniques that focus on the clients’ strengths to help accelerate progress.

Beth has shared her expertise and guest blogged on Tactus Therapy.com about aphasia, including primary progressive aphasia  and children’s language development on a local community website.  She has also been featured on National Aphasia Association and Aphasia Access.  

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