Grow Language While Reading Together – 5 Tips to Learn How

As a parent, you probably already know that reading aloud to children is a great activity to connect with them. After all, you are allowing your kid’s imagination to fly. But there’s more to it. Reading aloud to your children is crucial to build and develop your children’s literacy skills.

One of the main problems many parents need to deal with when they are reading aloud to their children is the fact that their attention span is short, especially in younger children. So, how can you keep them engaged and actually love these moments of reading?

5 Tips To Read Aloud To Kids

#1: Add Some Creativity To Your Voice

Using the same voice tone when reading aloud for children may be a good idea when they are about to go to bed. But when you are trying to develop their language skills, then you can (and should) use as many different voices as you can. Using a different voice for each character in the story or even making the most out of a sound effect can truly help you engage your kid’s attention.

#2: Small Steps Take You Further

As we already mentioned above, younger children have a short attention span. Therefore, it is wise to pick books that are not too text-heavy or that are short in the beginning.

One of the benefits of reading aloud to kids is that their attention span will also increase over time. So, you can then pick longer books in the near future.

#3: Let The Kids Pick The Book

The covers of books to children tend to be incredibly appealing to them. So, one way to get them involved in this amazing activity is to allow the child to pick the book. So, just make sure that they can easily see all the covers.

#4: Take The Time To Explain New Words

It is normal that as you are reading aloud, you know that kids aren’t familiarized with some words. However, you shouldn’t explain to them all the words they don’t know right away. Just pick some but not all or you won’t ever finish up the book.

Most children have a favorite book (or a couple) and you can be sure that you will be reading it quite a few times. So, you can then choose different words at a time and help them build their vocabulary.

#5: It’s Ok To Read A Wordless Picture Book

If you have younger children at home, it is normal that you have a couple of wordless picture books. So, from time to time, your kids may pick these out. However, you don’t need to be afraid. In fact, this is a great opportunity to develop their literacy as well. You can take this type of books and as different questions such as:

• What do you think will happen next? (Predicting)
• What do you think is happening here? (Comprehension)
• Why do you think that? (Inferring)

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many different things parents can do to help kids with language development just by reading aloud to them. Besides, if you follow these tips, you can be sure that your kids will not only be learning new skills as they will love spending these moments with you.

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