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Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Speech Therapist

Managing a communication disorder can be difficult, but the right speech pathologist can make all the difference.

Managing a communication disorder can be difficult, but the right speech pathologist can make all the difference.  You may be working with the SLP for several weeks or months, so choosing the right clinician is important. Most areas have several Speech Pathologists to choose from. Do a search and see what therapists are available to see clients in your area. Read their profiles and see if their philosophy fits with yours.  Look at their websites. Consider trying Online Speech Therapy – it’s a convenient way to gain access to speech therapists throughout your state.Talk to a few if you need to, until you find a good fit.  Here are 4 signs you’ve found the right one….

Area of expertise.

How much experience does the clinician have with your diagnosis?   Most Speech Pathologists in private practice have disorders or ages that they focus on, where they spend their personal time and money to stay up to date on the latest research and techniques.  Find an SLP that has a special interest in YOUR communication concern can help ensure you get the best treatment possible.


A good speech therapist can not only explain what you’re doing in therapy, but WHY.  The “why” is what makes speech therapy effective. An SLP can’t provide treatment recommendations from just a phone call introduction, but as you are working together on the treatment plan, ask questions.


Do you prefer the structure of going to an office?  Is their office convenient to get to or is it across town? Do you enjoy the convenience and familiarity of your therapist coming to your home or office?  Have you considered online therapy – receive therapy wherever you happen to be?

Is there a waiting list?

How urgent your situation is will determine if you are okay with  a waiting list or if you should keep looking.


What are the SLP’s rates?  Speech Pathologists are highly skilled medical specialists, so ask about typical rates so you know what to expect and budget. Speech therapy typically requires several sessions, sometimes months of consistent treatment to reach your goals.  Sometimes insurance will cover speech therapy, and you can almost always use your Health Savings Account to manage the financial investment.

Prioritize these factors according to what fits for your family and weigh them together, even subjectively.

Do a search on this website to narrow down your choices.

Read the therapists profiles or send them a contact message. Many Speech therapists offer a free phone consult.

See who will be the best fit for your needs.

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