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Year: 2020

What is Childhood Apraxia of Speech? (And how does speech therapy help?)

What is childhood apraxia of speech? Speech is normally a cohesive process that starts with a ..

What is Speech Therapy for Children and How Does it Help?

Speech therapy is the practice of evaluating and treating speech and communication disorders. B..

Grow Language While Reading Together – 5 Tips to Learn How

As a parent, you probably already know that reading aloud to children is a great activity to co..

How to Choose the Right Speech Therapist for Your Child or Loved One

Choosing the right Speech-Language Pathologist can be a daunting task. You want your child or l..

Boom Cards – How To Use Them In Speech Therapy

Speech therapy tends to include a wide range of techniques depending on the issues that you're ..

Featured – Thrive Speech Pathology

I’d like to introduce you to Thrive Speech Pathology in North Carolina. Thrive Speech Pathol..

Grow Local SEO for Therapy Private Practice – The How To Guide

What is local SEO and how can you use it for your private practice? Local SEO is customizing y..

Will Insurance Cover Speech Therapy?

Will Insurance Cover Speech Therapy? The answer to the question of insurance coverage for spee..

Featured – Holistic Therapy Services

I’d like to introduce you to Holistic Therapy Services.   Sarah Young at Holistic Ther..

Featured – GRP Speech Pathology

I’d like to introduce you to GRP Speech Pathology in Melbourne, Australia.   The team ..

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